Skill and Fitness Level

We use skill and fitness levels to ensure you book on to the correct course and get the most out of your day. Below is a description and example of what each level means. If you are still unsure which course is right for you give us a shout and we can sort you out.

Fitness Level

Skill Level

1.   Couch Potato - Rarely take part in forms of exercise  where you'll work up a sweat

2.   Sunday Walker - Occasional easy exercise at the weekend but not very sporty

3.   Active - Regularly take part in activities like walking, cycling, football, rugby etc

4.   Athletic - Exercising 4 to 5 times a week

5.   Superhuman - Constant training, you probably have loads of medals you've won in a drawer and take part in world/olympic level events every so often

1.   Novice - Never been on a mountain bike before

2.   Beginner - Have tried Mountain Biking once or twice previously

3.   Intermediate - Comfortable on red graded trail centre and confident on drops up to 12 inches

4.   Advanced - Comfortable on all grades of trail centre and happy hitting jumps and drops bigger than 12 inches

5.   Expert - confident in all aspects of biking including technical unofficial trails, gap jumps and trail features that may carry significant risk of injury

You must meet the minimum skill and fitness level for the course you book!